Day 50

Hello, friends, and welcome back to my blog! Today we will be taking a look at my updated skincare routine. 😄

While I’m a person who usually stays loyal to the products that work for me, sometimes, certain circumstances force me to change formulas, percentages, actives, etc. And since we are now moving into the sweltering summer months, my skincare routine had to adapt as well.

The outcome I’m looking for is, as always, anti-aging. Some of the products here might need a doctor’s prescription, so do your own research before delving right in.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my new and updated routine!

First up is of course double cleansing. I use Nivea micellar water to wipe off any skincare products or makeup at the end of day as my first step. I like this product because it’s fairly gentle and you don’t need too much of it.
Next, I’ll wash it off with Celeteque facial wash, which is unscented, gentle, and non-dehydrating. After drying my face (pat GENTLY, be careful with your skin) I’ll use the Celeteque hydrating toner, which is both fragrance- and alcohol-free. I usually would use serums or essences, but since it’s summer, I switched to a toner because it feels more refreshing. After that, I’ll use the Celeteque gel moisturizer, which I also showed in my previous routine. It’s the same one, this one is just the travel-sized tube.
This is the central figure in my skincare routine: tretinoin. I used to be on .025% but I have moved up to .05% a few months ago. People always tell me that I’m too young to be on retinoids but I always retort that I look young BECAUSE I use retinoids. Case in point – I don’t have a single wrinkle or line on my face, and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can.
After 15 minutes, I’ll pat on some 20% azelaic acid, which is my holy grail product for breakouts. I also use this in the daytime after moisturizer.

And then after another 15 minutes, I’ll go back in with more moisturizer. It’s in gel form, so it’s lightweight.

My daytime skincare routine is much more simple – my skin can’t tolerate being cleansed twice a day, so I only use honey on my face in the morning, followed by moisturizer and then azelaic acid. After that comes the second most important aspect of skincare – sun protection.

I use sunscreen every. Single. Day. It’s non-negotiable for me and I will not step foot outside without applying sunscreen. This one is unscented, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. It’s also quite moisturizing, so that’s a plus.
This product is also one of my mainstays – it’s the Elizabeth Arden SPF lip balm. Your lips need SPF, too! And since tretinoin makes my lips dry, I have to remember to use this every day.

Seriously though, you may think I’m exaggerating about the sun protection, but I’m not joking when I say that the rest of your skincare routine will be rendered useless UNLESS you wear sunscreen daily. The sun is the number-one culprit when it comes to anti-aging, so always keep that in mind.

And that is my updated skincare routine! What do you think about it? Do you prefer to have a longer, more intensive routine, or a simpler one? Let me know!

Thanks for dropping by, and have a productive week.

Day 49

I miss being in nature. In fact, I am certain that being in the mountains and woods is 100% essential for my physical and mental wellbeing. I have never felt an urge to disappear into the forest as strongly as I have during this pandemic.

Before you start calling me a tree-hugging hippie, let me try to explain. Do you ever just randomly go on a hike and then just lay on the ground, closing your eyes and listening to the sounds of the river, waterfall, or the wind in the trees? It feels like you’re absorbing something and healing yourself from the inside and is one of the times where my mind is completely at ease.

I promise I’m not crazy.

This is also why whenever I’m home, I prefer being barefoot and wearing the thinnest possible clothing I have (like a sun dress etc) so I can feel the wind on my skin, the grass between my toes, and leaves and branches on my limbs.

Hmm. Maybe I am a tree-hugging hippie. Or just extremely homesick.

Anyway, enough about that.

I’ve been reading a lot about the occult recently. It’s been a strong fascination of mine ever since I was young, even though I don’t personally believe in it. I’ve had a fixation on Wicca, Native American shamanism, omnyodo, Taoist sorcery (mostly because of Gong Tau), and kulam, which is black magic here in my country.

I have little personal experience with the occult, and most of it has been disappointing – I have been told that my life would ‘burn short and bright’ and guess what? I’m still alive! And I will be alive for a long, long, long time. I have also been told that I was possessed by a fox, which is hilarious because imagine thinking that it’s possible to possess me.

Right now I’m reading about mu-sok, or Korean shamanic magic. It’s interesting how it has had such a strong influence in their culture and society.

It just occured to me that my attachment to nature may be one of the reason why I’ve always been intrigued by the occult – in all its forms, harmony with nature is always emphasized. So no wonder when I’m feeling homesick, I automatically start being drawn to reading about these things again.

Oh, well. There’s nothing we can do about it for now. Back to reading!

Day 48

The only good thing that has come out of the current European Super League fiasco is the proliferation of memes poking fun of it. My favorite by far is Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes’ passionate statement:


Hey, you may make fun of his questionable English, but remember that it’s not his native language (are YOU fluent in Portuguese?), but I see it as a good sign – it means that the words and its underlying sentiment are actually genuine and not the work of some overworked and underpaid PR intern.

If you’re someone who’s out of the loop, essentially, what’s happening is that several clubs are leaving the UEFA to form the ESL, or the European Super League, which has a different format and would allow the same few ‘top’ teams to secure a yearly spot. This means that the lower-level teams would not be able to climb to the top and eliminates the possibility of dark horses in the league – even if they performed particularly well during the season. It’s the very essence of pay to play.

Anyway, as I was saying, this statement has been adopted as the unofficial motto of the r/soccer subreddit and has spawned hundreds of memes since. There is even a subreddit specifically dedicated to it, and here are some of my favorite posts:

Aren’t they hilarious? It’s like the fans of the clubs joining the ESL are using the memes as a coping mechanism. I am happy that Bundesliga teams have spoken out against the ESL, even though Bayern and Borussia Dortmund were invited to join and given 30 days to decide. Bayern’s chairman is also joining the UEFA executive committee to replace Agnelli.

But is Bruno Fernandes right, though? Can dreams be bought? As far as I’ve seen, they can, unfortunately – but they SHOULDN’T, and I’m glad that the football community is standing as one behind this sentiment.

What do you guys think about this issue? If there are any refugee fans looking for a new club to support, I endorse Bayern Munich. You won’t regret it. 😉

Day 47

Hello, I’m sitting here bravely battling the sniffles and trying to stay awake from the waves of drowsiness from my latest dose of NyQuil. I would have taken DayQuil but I ran out, all the over-the-counter stuff I have right now are sleep-inducing.

Before we get started, allow me to show you my newly-renovated island entrance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

So this is an update post, but as I am quite drowsy, forgive me if I seem to be incoherent or all over the place. Without further ado, here are my updates.

  • Today I watched the third To All the Boys movie on Netflix and I loved it. I was just so confused about the anxiety about being accepted to university and why it’s such a big deal. I mean, I get it, but I never put much thought when I was younger into whether or not I’d be accepted to the schools I wanted, I just knew it would happen. I don’t know if I managed to pull it off through sheer willpower or I was just extremely lucky (although of course I still ended up attending where my parents wanted me to).
  • Yesterday was Summoner’s War’s 7th anniversary and they had this scroll event. So, all in all, I think I was pretty damn lucky because when I look at the SW subreddit, I see a lot of people complaining about their pulls. I summoned from about 100 scrolls in total, and I got the following: water archangel, wind chimera, fire paladin, fire oracle, water unicorn, water fairy king, wind panda warrior, and countless wind jokers. Still no LD lightning, but for a 41-day-old account, not bad at all.
  • Sabaton has released a song called Livgardet, which is about the Swedish Royal Guard. They also have an English version of the song, but I prefer the original better due to the choral introduction. I do prefer the English version’s music video, though.
  • Shadows House, a manga that I love, has released an animated version. I’ve already seen the first episode and I was surprised at how quick-moving it was. I guess I was just used to how slow the pacing in the manga was – not that I’m complaining!
  • Speaking of anime and manga, the spoilers for the next Boruto manga chapter manga are insane. The new villain is called Ada (from the programming language and from Ada Lovelace, I think), which is apt since the other villain is called Code. And the sidekick is called Bug. Ada is supposed to be a cyborg so I get the logic behind the names.
  • Hansi Flick is officially leaving Bayern at the end of the season, which I think will be a good career move for him. If he becomes the coach of the national team, he will be there until retirement and he will also be able to help bring back the NT’s former glory (by reinstating Muller back into the team LOL). Sad for Bayern, but Nagelsmann is one of the top choices for his replacement and I want to see how that goes.
  • And last but not the least, there is a category 5 storm approaching the country, the first cat. 5 cyclone for the year. I hope it doesn’t wreck us too badly.

And there are all my updates. Now let me show you the cute things I’ve bought recently.

Some cute fuzzy socks that would go really well with my fuzzy teddy bear hoodie~ 🧸
A mousepad, phone stand, and coaster.
A soot sprite keychain for my backpack.
And an extra mousepad for my desk at work.

What about you guys? Was your week as uneventful as mine was? I hope you had a good weekend. Stay safe and have a productive week!

Day 46

Hello, friends, and welcome to another blog post. Today we will be fangirling over another naval vessel – namely, the British Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth. It is going to be deployed soon to the South China Sea as part of a carrier strike group.

Source: r/WarshipPorn

It is the Royal Navy’s largest and most powerful warship, carrying up to 40 fighter jets. It has been the fleet’s flagship carrier since January 2021 and the possibility that I might be able to see it in person (even from afar) is making me incredibly excited.


Honestly, with all this tension caused by China in the area, I am thrilled that Lizzie is arriving. She will be carrying a squadron of USMC F-35s and was re-ammunitioned recently. In short, she is ready to wreck some Chinese ships if they try to stir up trouble.

The Chinese vessels surrounding the Philippines are, to be polite, a bunch of recycled 80’s Russian trash. Liaoning for example is nothing more than a ‘trainer’ carrier, a ‘paper tiger,’ if I may, and the fighter jets stationed on it are not that threatening, either. If I remember correctly, they are all way below NATO’s standards LOL. Add to that the fact that the US has a few Virginia-class (I’m actually not sure, could be LA-class) nuclear attack submarines trailing in the area.

So, here’s my crack theory – Iran, China, Russia and maybe North Korea are in cahoots. The real target here is Ukraine. China is stirring up trouble in Southeast Asia to draw attention away from what’s happening up north. Putin has already began closing in on the Ukraine, after all. After what happened in Crimea, he probably estimates that he could get away with more, but first he has to make sure that the rest of the world is not entirely focused on sending military aid to the Ukraine. As for China’s part, well, they’re not really planning on waging war, which is why the naval vessels they’re fielding are all crap. But if it somehow works, then it’s just an added bonus.

Or maybe I’ve just played too much Civ 6.

Anyway, the only good thing that’s come out of this entire issue is that I get to fangirl more over warships. I am still vehemently anti-war, and I am still disappointed at my government’s response to the Chinese Navy attempting to annex our territorial seas and shoals.

That’s all for today, I hope this post was somewhat entertaining, at least. If you like warships and tanks, subscribe to r/warshipporn and r/tankporn on Reddit. They’re not porn, just photos of warships and tanks!

Have a productive week!

Day 45

So China has decided to be a jerk (even more so than usual) and is parking its naval vessels around the Philippines. Not only the Philippines, may I add – it’s also currently surrounding Vietnam and Taiwan. The infuriating thing is the administration won’t address this, deeming it to be a non-issue.

Hello?? When is this going to be an issue? When China has completely surrounded us with manmade islands and accelerates its harassment over the disputed islands and waters? At this point the arbitration at The Hague, where the win was awarded to the Philippines, is a joke because we all know China will ignore the ruling anyway.

The US Navy in the east Philippine sea watching the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning from USS Mustin. Source: Google Images.

I found this image on the news this morning and I’m torn between wanting to fangirl over the ship – it’s an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer!!!! One of the youngest in its fleet and has won battle E awards more times than it lost – and being pissed off once again at the incompetence of the Philippine government. We’re basically being pincered by the Chinese and we’re sitting ducks at this point.

While I like war history, I’m personally very anti-war. It’s a waste of human life and resources, and it tanks the economy as well. And most importantly to me, I have a genuine fear of being conscripted, having done citizen’s army training in high school and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) in university. I do NOT want to be drafted in this lifetime.

I also want to know what China is thinking, basically pissing off the entire South East Asian region, India, the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. If we look back on history (waves to Germany) fighting a war on several fronts is a BAD idea, manpower-wise and resource-wise. Most of China’s natural resources right now apparently comes from Africa, so I hope that if push comes to shove, China’s opponents will have the wisdom to disrupt supply chains.

I’m worried about the Philippines, but right now I’m even more worried about Vietnam. At least the Philippines has US presence as a deterrent, but as far as I know, there are none in Vietnam currently. Vietnam’s track record is pretty darn good when it comes to land war (insert the trees speak Vietnamese joke here) but I don’t know how they’d do in a naval battle where they’re outnumbered.

I’m scrolling through my newsfeed right now and apparently Germany will be sending warships to the South China Sea. Sigh.

2021, please stop. We still have whiplash from 2020.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom, let’s proceed to the portion where I fangirl over the USS Mustin.

The Arleigh Burke class Guided Missile Destroyer USS Mustin. Source: Google Images.

Look at how badass it is. It has an Aegis combat system like the rest of the ships of its class, too! It’s very heavily armed and it’s comforting to know that it would be able to break Liaoning like a twig.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I hope everyone’s having a productive week!

Day 43

Okay, I can’t do this anymore. This has to stop. I can’t be emotionally unstable every single day. I guess my best friend is not the one who needs space – apparently I’m the one who needs to sit the fuck down and chill out.

Sorry about the last few posts, I was feelings quite…unbalanced.

Edit: I badgered a friend all the way from Poland because he’s the only one awake and after a few minutes of chatting, I’m now sufficiently calm and grounded again.

I should appreciate my other friends more. I’m not the best at keeping in touch, and I’d hate for them to think that I’m only reaching out because my first choice bowed out.

Day 42

That sickening feeling churning in my gut is something that’s starting to be familiar to me now. I was trying not to look at my phone starting from 9 PM, because it’s when my best friend used to call…because I know there would be no call.

I miss my best friend calling me every night and just talking about random things, rambling on and on even if I say nothing or just communicate in nonverbal noises/sounds.

It’s been gradually getting better the past few days but tonight I can barely stop myself from asking him to call me, just so I can fall asleep. I need more self-control, and I need to be less codependent, but at times like these it feels impossible.

We haven’t talked at all recently and I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms. He’s the only best friend I’ve ever had. I know this makes me sound pathetic but I miss him and every day he doesn’t call feels vaguely wrong, like something’s missing.

Like earlier I had a weird interaction with somebody and I was thinking about telling him so we can snark about it together, then I remembered that yeah. He probably wouldn’t be calling any time soon. And since nobody else gets our inside jokes, there’s no one to tell.

I have been feeling unwell for the past few days and when I’m not feeling okay, I default to looking for him. It must have been incredibly emotionally taxing for him, but I never once told him how much I appreciated him acting as my buffer. And now, it might be too late.

I guess this is a sign that I should widen my circle of friends and not just get attached to one person.

This is terrible. I’m making a daily habit of crying over missing him and it is embarrassing as fuck.

Whatever. Let me cry. My tears should be depleted at some point…right?

Day 41

Last night, I thought I was having a panic attack. I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep when my lips suddenly felt tingly, my limbs began to go numb, and my heartbeat began to race. I was lightheaded and dizzy and felt like I was going to faint.

So I did what any reasonable person would do when faced with a non-life-threatening medical dilemma – I started Googling for answers. Now, my symptoms are fairly common for several conditions. I quickly ruled out the possibility of a panic or anxiety attack because, well…I wasn’t panicking.

I was entertaining the possibility of an electrolyte imbalance, because it seemed the most plausible and the least dangerous, when I realized that it was just plain old hypoglycemia. I had forgotten to eat lunch and dinner and was probably running on empty.

Sigh. I am going to put an alarm on my phone to remind me of mealtimes, because when I get hyper-focused on tasks or games or whatnot, it can be difficult to remember to prepare food for myself. But oh, well. I told myself that I would focus on my health this year, so this is a step towards that.

Day 40

Well hello there! You’re just in time for a slew of rapid-fire updates, because I have neither the industriousness to compose a proper post nor the attention span to spend making one. This post is going to be short, and it’s going to be in bullet points. You’re welcome.

  • I finally watched the Snyder Cut and it was…just okay. Markedly better than its predecessor, for sure, and I did enjoy Barry Allen’s parts (I am a fangirl of the Flash, after all), but a 4-hour movie is a struggle to get through, no matter how enjoyable the first couple of hours are.
  • Speaking of movies, I watched a movie called Come True and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Maybe it was the aesthetic appeal, maybe it was the company while watching – whatever it was, I liked it.
  • I have also started watching Bridgerton and I find it hilarious. I am also endlessly thankful that I was born in the modern era because I might have been tried as a witch, had I been alive back then.
  • I am currently being plagued by migraines/cluster headaches and I think it’s because of the sudden rise in temperature. Summer is approaching and it is quite humid.
  • I finally have a valkyrja again in Summoner’s War – although it is Vanessa, instead of her more superior water-type sister, Camilla. Oh, how I miss my Camilla.
  • I have read a novel called Yolk and it was surprisingly good. The main character suffers from an eating disorder and self-harming tendencies, and she clashes with her overachieving older sister while struggling with romantic relationships. Her older sister ends up having cancer and, because she has no health insurance, essentially steals the protagonist’s identity to have surgery.
  • Asian-American hate crimes have made the news yet again, a terrifying rise from last year’s 150% increase in the USA. I am worried about my elderly grandparents, my aunts, uncles, and cousins. They live in an area where a lot of hate crimes have been reported.
  • Bunny Day is over and while I am thankful that eggs are going to stop cropping up everywhere, I believe that the hate directed towards Zipper is unjust. I mean, sure he’s creepy, but he’s also endearing, like the bunny man from Donnie Darko. Also, I think the bunny DIYs are cute. But oh well, it’s over and now we can focus on the cherry blossom DIYs.

This ended up being longer than I expected, haha. Anyway, I hope everyone is staying safe. Have a productive week!